San Francisco Mandarin English Toastmasters (旧金山中英双语演讲会)

The first bilingual Chinese-English Toastmasters group in San Francisco

Becoming a member

Becoming an official member will allow you to take advantage of our time tested education program for helping you to become a better communicator and leader. In addition, SF-MET members receive HD recording of their talks, which is an invaluable tool for improving your public speaking skills.

Being in Toastmaster is also much than just public speaking. There are over 13,000 clubs around the world in 116 countries, and you have many opportunities to get involved in within the larger district, region, or even internationally.

To become a member of this fantastic club, please fill out the application below and and pay the membership fee (listed below) to the current VP of Membership or Treasurer. You’ll receive a receipt that may be reimbursed by your company.

You can pay by cash (preferred payment method) or check. Please make all checks payable to “Mandarin English Toastmasters.” Our club number is 02258108 in District 4.

The new member fee is $66.55, which includes a new member kit and a 6-month membership. Renewal or transfer membership is $45 every 6 months. The fee will be prorated if you join in a month other than April or October.

(will receive a new member kit)
Renew membership $45
Apr/Oct (payment is for 6 months) $66.55 $45
May/Nov (payment is for 5 months) $61 $39
Jun/Dec (payment is for 4 months) $55 $33
Jul/Jan (payment is for 3 months) $49 $27
Aug/Feb (payment is for 2 months) $43 $21
Sep/Mar (payment is for 1 month) $37 $15



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